» Systems Engineer graduated from the Universidad del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (UNCPBA), Tandil.

» Worked since 1995 as System Consultant in numerous companies. Also performed tasks as analyst, developer and senior trainer.

» Project Leader for national and international important companies such as Logitron, Latingame and Nosis.

» He is currently oriented to special projects on Windows platform, mainly on web and telephony.

» He has developed applications for PCs, Palms and other handheld devices, websites, Wap and phone systems (IVRs, Fax on demand, Dispatcher, etc.).

» Numerous courses dictated in Argentina, Miami (USA) and Florence (Italy).


» Senior Programmer, Biochemist, Analyst and Auditor in Productivity and Quality Systems.

» Director of Eagle Group Chile S.A.

» IT Manager of Centro de Estudios Genéticos SRL, LEPLIC S.A. and CIMAE (Centro de Investigaciones Médicas Albert Einstein).

» Former Positions: Manager of Diagnostics Area and Technical Co-Director of Biosystems S.A..

» Project leader and developer of Computer Applications and Management Systems for several biomedical instruments manufacturers, diagnostic devices distributors and Laboratories in USA, Argentina and rest of Latin America, and Data Tracking Management System for Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires City Government).

» Assistant Professor and Researcher in Pharmacy and Biochemist School, University of Buenos Aires and Medical School, Barceló University.

» Numerous papers, lectures and presentations on his specialization.

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